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Welcome To Christine Breese's Website!

Christine Breese, Ph.D. is a spiritual author, teacher and retreat facilitator. She conducts workshops and retreats and has created vast amounts of spiritual material, from meditation CDs to written works. She is the founder of Wisdom Of The Heart Church and also University of Metaphysical Sciences. She has created the online ezine Starlight Journal and produced and directed the series Spirit Talk TV, A Metaphysical Talk Show.

Not only is she a prolific writer, but Christine Breese leads people into deep trances with her meditations. Many people have reported lasting changes in their lives through her meditation CDs and peaceful states of consciousness they have never experienced before. Transformational experiences are quite evident at her retreats and in the curriculum of her school.

University of Metaphysical Sciences

christine breese
University of Metaphysical Sciences is the culmination of Christine Breese's work. Christine Breese was on the spiritual path since a young age. Through much study and exploration of many religions and spiritual traditions, Breese attained vast amounts of knowledge and experience, making her well-equipped to oversee the creation of the curriculum that became University Of Metaphysical Sciences. She oversaw a team of more than 40 writers, directed the research and development of the courses, and wrote some of the courses herself.

Enjoy this site and please feel free to visit Christine Breese's other spiritual projects.

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