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Christine Breese Video Satsangs

View Christine Breese's video satsang and spiritual talks made especially for internet viewers. She reaches many with her videos, and this will give you an idea of who she is, if you have been wondering!

Christine Breese's youtube channel is if you would like to see all her videos. If you would like to read what is said in the videos, please feel free to visit Christine Breese's video transcriptions site.

Self Worth, Self Esteem, Self Help, Help Self Worth Esteem



Christine Breese, Spiritual Blessing, Zen Universe Within Zen Inside You



Happiness Happy Unhappy Compassion End Suffering Pain



Cancer Healing Deathbed Die Illness Dying Grace After Life



Dark Night Of Soul Darkness Spiritual Depression Surrender



Darshan Master Blessing Spiritual Teacher Nature Transmission



Christine Breese, Divine Intervention Future 2012 Endtimes End Of World Time



See Christine Breese's Video Satsang page at the University Of Metaphysical Sciences website for her complete list. For Transcripts of videos, go to Transcripts

Christine Breese, Ph.D. is a spiritual author, teacher and retreat facilitator. She conducts workshops and retreats and has created vast amounts of spiritual material, from meditation CDs to written works. She is the founder of Universal Church of Metaphysics and also University of Metaphysical Sciences. She has created the online ezine Starlight Journal and produced and directed the series Spirit Talk TV, A Metaphysical Talk Show.